Happy Birthday Letter for a Sister – She is Irreplaceable

Here is a birthday letter to wish your loving sister a happy birthday.


“My lovely sister…

I looked into the whole world to check if I can set my eagle’s eyes on seeing a sister like you but I could see none. I searched everywhere to find out if a replacement could be found for you, but my time was just a waste. I didn’t search for a sister like you for any reason but to prove the point that there is no other sister like you.

You don’t need to be wondering why there is no sister like you. You just have to believe me that you’re an amazing sister to me. You’re the treasure that I value right from my childhood time. When I was behaving crazily without senses, you called me back home. It is you who set my foot on the right side of the path of life.

Being always supportive to me and always being there when I need you is more than enough to appreciate you for. My progress makes you happy while my downfall wakes you up to think fast as regard what to do to get me lifted up. Right in your hand, I got elevated in time without number.

Big sister, your birthday to me is very important that I can’t do without remembering the day as it approached. Now that it is finally here with us, we are here to gladly celebrate it.

I hope this your birthday sister brings a lot of your heart desires into the actual reality. May your day be bright and charming. Happiness, joy, peace,  in their bundles will never depart from your life. I wish you welcome everything you ever wanted in your life.

As there is no objection that you deserve every best thing, cut your birthday cake and begin to enjoy your day. Happy birthday to my irreplaceable sister.

Your loving brother
(Your name)”