Relationship Tips for Men – Pieces of Advice to Follow

We also know men and women deal differently with different circumstances. So what could work for women when it comes to dating advice, might not work so great for the guys. We are different and those differences are what makes our relationships fun and interesting … and sometimes also somewhat confusing.

To help clear up the confusion, we asked numerous experts what they think was the best male relationship advice—the stuff that guys just need to learn to understand more about women and get the most out of their relationships.

Best Relationship Tips for Men

Here is the best advice for men on relationships, according to experts across the field:


1. Don’t discredit their sentiments

Many men have a tendency to invalidate feelings about their partner. “For starters, they might say, ‘That’s a dumb thing to be mad about,’ or, ‘I can’t believe it upsets you,'” explains Rachel Lamson, a premarital counselor. “Then, try to affirm the feelings of your friends by apologizing that they are the cause of the emotion without admitting guilt,”

Saying something like, for example, “I ‘m sorry my actions made you feel upset. This wasn’t my intention, “it sounds much better.


2. Stand up for each other and for her

If a man sees a situation that needs to be resolved, he will move forward and deal with the situation. If somebody is disrespectful to your wife, women always respect a man who steps up to call them out. Verify that you are there to defend and protect her. It doesn’t mean she can’t defend herself, it just means it doesn’t mean chivalry is dead.


3. Chat about what makes you think better

Another common tendency many people have in relationships, is to shut down when they feel hurt rather than show it. No one profits from being quiet or keeping stuff that bother you locked up.

“Then, to calm down and work through your thoughts, take 10-30 minutes to put them into writing,” Lamson says. “Then get to your friend and explain how you feel.”


4. Tell your friend

Men are known for holding back their needs / emotions / fears / hopes. But times have changed, and what most women want and need is a man who can talk about her feelings.

“People will worry they may seem poor,” Lamson says. “But its partner will more likely see value in its willingness to be open and honest. It will make people both feel closer and more positive.


5. Personally, don’t take her not wanting love

You may feel like you don’t get the attention you want, but if your partner’s worried about work, kids, errands, or just life in general, it’s not because she doesn’t care about you or love you, but it’s very hard to put all that apart. Although having time and intimacy with your partner alone is important, consider how difficult it might be for her to refocus her attention on you, and not take it as a sign of rejection.


6. Hear out your friend

To order for men to have a good relationship with a woman they simply need to go against their inherent nature to fix problems and become more active listeners.

“People hear from women all the time that they want men to listen and not fix the problem,” explains Dr Dori Gatter, a licensed psychotherapist and expert on relationships.

Sometimes being compassionate, it means being there for somebody and not asking them what to do or how to feel. Many things can’t be fixed but you can improve by listening.


7. Be decisive

We ‘re not just talking about choosing the restaurant or what movie to watch, we ‘re also talking about bigger decisions in life. A man who avoids decision making is skirting his obligations on many women. Being wishy washy on career , family, or even relationship issues is a total turning point.


8. Take some of the slack down

Women have a lot on their plate including taking care of the kids, making dinner and holding the house together, not to mention working. Women want to be your friend, she wouldn’t want to take care of another male. Taking up some of the slack brings her tremendous relief and she appreciates it with honesty. Don’t wait to have her inquire. Just do this.


9. It doesn’t matter how, just give her a special feeling

People may not be inclined to express themselves emotionally, but regardless of that, by being around them and taking care of them, you must let your partner know how much you like them. You can tell her physically, or even through words. For many of these things, guys might be able to go, but to many women this is her oxygen.

Each woman is different, and it will also be different how they deal with things like tension, family, love, disagreements, and surprises. Hold these few common things in mind, and use your best judgment. Chances are, you know more than you think about your partner.

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