Why Is It Difficult to Get A Girlfriend – 21 Reasons to Note


Why is it difficult to get a girlfriend? Why is it so hard to win a girl’s heart? You must find out where your problems lie so as to sort out for a way solution.

There must be a reason for it all and it’s not always easy to figure out why you are having trouble landing a woman.

Furthermore, if you understood why, wouldn’t you be having a problem, right?

We will reveal oodles of different popular and not-so-common explanations why you may have difficulty in the girls’ department, so that you can take steps to make meaningful changes.

When you understand why you have difficulties, you can then make a plan to break through your challenges and find a solution.

21 Reasons Why It Is Difficult to Get A Girlfriend

Getting a girlfriend is not something difficult if you are diplomatic with your strategies. As a result of that, you have to be familiar with points that reveals the solution to the question: why is it difficult to get a girlfriend?

  • You aren’t trying enough

If you’re serious about getting a girl, you have to step up and hit the plate like you mean it. Use as many approaches as possible before you land the girl.

Studies say most guys who are unable to get a girlfriend just don’t try enough times. They leave prematurely, in other words.

Guys don’t like rejection and if they’re asking a girl out and she’s saying no, it often takes months to try again!

Don’t allow the sheer fear of rejection to stop you from becoming a nice friend.

Repeat and rinse. Ask a girl to get her phone number out. Continue doing so until you get a yes. And try not to be too picky because if you don’t have one girl working for you then you owe it to yourself to find another.

  • You’re too picky

Chances are you’ve been staring at too many Victoria Secret magazines and they’ve filled your head with an unrealistic image of the ideal person. He’ll set you up to fail with too many fixed features or characteristics.

Time to open your mind and to be honest. Step beyond your comfort zone and take a second look at a girl that doesn’t suit your image exactly. You never know unless you’re already trying.

  • Quitter never win

If you’re the man type that’s leaving too soon, there’s no wonder you don’t have a girlfriend. Resilience in the Dating and Relationship department is silver.

Tell a girl out and it’s perfect if she is distracted. You might ask her out for another time. Have a little patience and persistence; and how easy it is to get a girlfriend really will shock you.

Talk about it a minute from the girls viewpoint. Maybe she needs a little bit of time to get you warm? Give it a chance in a week or so to ask her again and you could just be pleasantly surprised.

  • You live in your parents’ apartment

Sorry guys, if you’re still living with your parents, you’re a loser who shouts out to the world. Girls don’t want a boy who lives with mum and daddy to go out.

If you are employed and can afford to live on your own, if you ever want to have a serious relationship, you’d better do it quickly. Scratch that, if you want any connection at all.

It is one of the easiest routes to secure a girlfriend when you live by yourself.

  • You’re just a normal guy

Because “normal” guys usually finish last, that’s not healthy. If you’re too sweet the girls won’t give you a second glance.

Avoid being too sweet and you get an chance.

  • Hygiene Issues

You can never get a girlfriend if you have any sort of hygiene problems. The bad news is bad breath, dirty clothes and greasy hair.

For very particular, almost obsessive purposes, some girls don’t want a guy to be her boyfriend and certainly don’t care about yourself fits the bill.

  • You let your insecurities get in your way

Everybody has stuff they don’t like about themselves and they either have to embrace or change those stuff. You may have lost your hair so you just need to get over that one. So if you’re overweight, you should make weight-loss adjustments and get happy.

Regardless, you are who you are in now, and you may never get a girlfriend if you do not love yourself.

Everybody has flaws and that’s no excuse not to have a girlfriend unless you let it get in the way of course.

Look around. Look around. Happy couples come in all manner of shapes and sizes. Stop making your insecurities an excuse.

  • Trying to hard to be perfect

Girls do like men who aren’t perfect in fact. You see, this puts pressure on the girl to try to be perfect too, when a man seems too perfect. Then she may think she’s not good enough and that’s enough to make a girl run far and fast the other way around.

Think for a minute on this one.

  • Expecting the woman to make the first move

Of course, there are occasions when the first move is made by a female, but that is far away and few in between.

The Fact is … most women prefer a man to make the first move and if he doesn’t have the balls to do that, she’ll just move on.

That is not a challenge, it is only the truth!

  • You’re the man that’s always lost in the crowd

If you happen to be the guy who is hanging out with big, famous and super sexy men, you’re going to be last in the pecking order. So if the people around you are stronger than you, they shine brighter and your sweet personality is never seen as much less appreciated.

Don’t hang out at the detriment of your colleagues. You’ll never get a girlfriend in a zillion years, if all the talk is about the friends with whom you hang out.

One more thing to think about.

  • You happen to shy away from all things social

If you’re a social introvert of course, getting a girlfriend makes it super hard on yourself.

Flash news! If you’re serious about getting a girlfriend, you need to step out into the light and go to the social spots where girls have been hanging out.

No if it is, and it is, or but it is about this one.

  • To stuck on your screwup past

If you get all mad with women about your past mistakes it will interfere with having a girlfriend in the now.

Yeah, worrying about how you fucked up is normal, but if you really want a girl on your arm, you just have to let go of it.

Use your history to learn from and evolve, not dwell on an interference factor.

You are human and you are going to be making mistakes. Let it go and focus on the positive and you’ll get your girl.

  • You happen to be Mr. Complainer

If you’re a persistent complainer about how bad your life is and how you’re never going to get a woman, so you’re not deserving of a woman.

Seriously man! Avoid moaning, and begin to talk positively. Your attitude and behavior will change and confide in me, the girls will come.

It’s your decision.

  • Lack of intellectual consistency

Consistently This is a learning process and sometimes you just have to throw your hat into the wind and go there for it.

If you aren’t able to ask women out often, then you chose not to have a girlfriend of your own.

  • You are too focused on something else

This one is a no-brainer. If you’re working insane hours, and you’re not willing to spend time dating and a girl, you’ll never get one.

Sadly, some people prefer their job over having a girlfriend and in the end they have nothing left.

  • Too shy

If you can’t make yourself honest and let a girl know you’re interested in being more than just friends, you’re risking being just friends and nothing else.

All you have to do is step up the challenge and tell this girl that you want to kiss her, and that you want her to be your wife. When you do so, either she will be open head over heels or she will not.

Do you not think that just finding out is worth it?

  • You are seriously out of shape

That doesn’t mean you need to have a six-pack torn! All that means is you shouldn’t be rocking a beer belly and you should make an effort to get some muscle mass and some attractive lean tissue mass.

You don’t need to be flawless but try.

Truth-You show her that you care for your body when you’re in shape and that works well when you’re focused on having a kid.

Gone are the slobs!

  • You are only thought of as icky

Sorry to say that women care for looks and that’s something you need to put in and smoke in your pipe.

Yeah, a guy cares much more about how it looks like his girl, but … Girls do love!

A girl cares about how you look, and if you’re fat and a slob, no matter how nice you are, she won’t be your girlfriend. Please understand this before taking yet another move forward.

Truth – SO much easier for guys than for girls. All you need is a clean look and a touch of stubble and you can drive a mad girl.

Stop your query, and continue. If you do, you win.

  • No money or opportunity

No doubt money would pull the sweet girls in. I don’t really know what you think, because money is what a lot of girls want.

You’ll be having a girlfriend if you’re financially secure. That may not be rational, but that’s the truth … Trust me. Women deserve to be able to go out without concern to a movie or a nice meal. And for a bonus if you can take them on a mini holiday without having to worry about finances, you are golden.

That’s a straight up reality.

  • The same stuff on repeat will kill you

When you’re a programmed habit guy who never changes his way, you’re probably not going to have a woman.

Women are attracted to the mighty men who will lead them on new adventures. The men who would come out to surprise her out of their comfort zone. Story conclusion.

If you want to discover your worth and maybe find a real woman, you need to lower your walls and open them to the possibility. You have to show her then, and make it happen.

  • You are too needy

Girls have no trouble sniffing the poor and dependent guy out there. Secret-This is a complete turn-off.

Women are naturally attracted to men who are self-confident and sure. The ones who are going to make brave choices and put the girl first.

Girls definitely don’t want an insecure man who doesn’t know how to take control and make decisions.

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